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photo- lone treeCome and join us at Egolf Christmas Trees, Inc! We’ve been in this family business since 1955, and we’re easy to find — just click on the map button to the left. Warm yourself by the fire and enjoy a complimentary cup of sassafras tea (weekends only). You can watch us shake your tree to get all the old needles out, and then bale it in candystripe netting — both at no extra charge.

We provide the saws and a nifty little cart for carrying the tree. The fields are well kept and enjoyable to walk through.

Also, don’t forget to check out our handmade greenery items. We have wreaths, swags, garland, and much more. We also have grave decorations. Orders are recommended.

Be sure to browse through the craft area. You might just find that perfect something!



Also visit us at the Chesterton European Market on the first weekend of December.

We also do school tours.



Established in 1955

Egolf Christmas Trees, Inc.
14594 S. 700 W.   •   Wanatah, Indiana 46390   •   (219) 733-2143